Special Private Sale


Welcome to the Special Private Sale for Veecon Attendees! 🥳

Join our ambitious mission of impacting the lives of dreamers worldwide while earning royalties and rewards. Holding one NFT from our Genesis Collection gives you access to be part of the first decentralized dream-funding platform. 

As a holder, you will get a share of the 1% rolling royalties generated from the secondary sales from all of the dreamers' NFTs collections facilitated by the Dream-Funding platform. You are also entitled to the revenue sharing from the dreamers' primary sales.



Get the privilege of getting limited edition NFTs from the Dream Hunters Collection when you participate to our June 2022 Special Private Sale!

Holding one of these NFTs will give you the ability to claim premium physical products (for the next five years) from our merchandise line every time we drop new products. Only 2000 NFTs are available.

Our first upcoming drop includes a premium varsity jacket, plus 2 mystery items, all handmade with love in Italy.

Private Sale Only Benefits

By participating to this special private sale, upon purchasing one “Spin & Drop” entry for our Genesis Collection and one “Spin & Drop” entry for  Cristiano NFT's Collection, you will receive 1 FREE limited edition NFT that gives you special perks for our merchandise line.

Holder's Benefits

100 holders will receive a box with a metal NFC card version of their NFTs, and will give them access to our events around the world (Benvenuto in Italia!), plus complementary traveling perks!

Every time a Dream Hunters NFT is sold (on the secondary market), there is a total of 15% Rolling Royalties that will be distributed to our holders. For more detailed computation, please check out the Rolling Royalties section.

Every month, each holder of the Dream Hunters NFT collection will receive $DIYM coins airdrop from our DIYnamo project for the first one year.

We have random rewards for one randomly selected Dream Hunter NFT holder every month! This lucky holder will receive ETH and mystery prizes from the community wallet.

With a Dream Hunter NFT, you can join our special and exciting treasure hunting game, combining the virtual world and the real world, with life-changing Big Treasures to hunt!

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