Cristiano's NFT Collection

Meet Cristiano Ebenezer Yankah from Ghana, Africa 🇿🇦

Dream: To win the Champions League
Age: 17 year old
Sports: Soccer / Striker

Three years ago, Andrea (Our Vision Hunter) decided to encourage Cristiano to pursue his dream so he got him a pair of football boots. Along with our strong support system, he has shown resilience and perseverance to polish himself as a football player. Today, he’s in the process of coming to Italy and follow his dreams.

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Cristiano needs 10,000 validators to activate his dream.

From the moment I got the shoes from Andrea more than three years ago, I was more than happy because I never thought somebody I've never met would have such sympathy and help me. I knew my parents would never be able to afford to buy soccer shoes for me. Coming all this far was a miracle to me. My mother's prayers worked. I am coming to Italy soon through Andrea and the team's support. Many people where I came from seek opportunities like this. I feel so happy that God has given me this chance. I worked and prayed for this day, trust me. 

My hometown has not been a better place for kids like me who are dreaming of better future someday. Aside from the school activities, we don't find options or opportunities to improve our talents. One of my dreams is to inspire kids like me to pursue their dreams. I work hard, and I believe that I will reach my dreams someday—regardless of all these struggles. I can see and feel that I'm closer to my dreams than ever before. 

— Cristiano Ebenezer Yankah


1/9 — Completed

Dedicated. Cristiano was playing in the First Division in Ghana United Football Club Under 17 without proper football boots.

2/9 — Completed

His first Dream-Funding (with Andrea's support) got him his first boots and uniform so he can join the local football club.

3/9 — Completed

Cristiano has been playing in the Second Division in Cape Coast Metro Youth Football Club.


Launching his first Dream Funding campaign with the support of Dream Hunters' community and Italian influencers.


Cristiano is coming to Italy to train in a professional football club.


Cristiano trains for the Serie A team.


Cristiano joins the Serie A team.


Cristiano's first goal in the Serie A team.


Cristiano wins the Serie A team.

Supported by Dream Hunters

Cristiano's Dream is the first dreamer facilitated by Dream Hunters, The First Dream-Funding Decentralized Platform and is 100% supported by the community.

Holders of NFTs from the Cristiano's NFT collection will be entered into the Whitelist (Allowlist) Raffle of the Dream Hunters NFT Genesis Collection. Details to be announced soon.

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