Dream Hunters.
The First Decentralized Dream-Funding Platform.

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. Envision our world if all of us had a good chance to become innovators, artists, professional athletes, or just simply doing what we love to do with purpose.



Every dream needs a team, so we structured the “Dream-Funding” platform.

Powered by DIYnamo

Built for social impact.

The Dream-Funding platform is where everybody wins.

For dreamers.

Anyone can quickly launch an NFT collection to raise funds for their dreams.

For dream validators.

Anyone can financially support promising dreamers by investing in their NFTs collections.

Real-Time Listings

Free to sign up. List or browse dreams on our platform without interruptions.

Easy Transactions

Validate a dream at any moment via debit or credit card.

Safe & Secure

We use pre-selected tokens for your safety.

We are the first dream-funding decentralized platform.

We are here to discover millions of dreamers worldwide and to encourage them to pursue their dreams through NFT technologies and a strong support system structure.



Our goal is to become one of the premiere communities in the NFT space, to build a tight-knit community of dreamers and validators ready to support each other.


Transparent & Open-Source

When you invest in a dream—not only will you have the opportunity to watch the dreamers closely—but through the DAO (Powered by DIYnamo Technology), you can help direct the dreamers in the right direction, and you will be one of the architects of their success.


For Everyone

All dreamers' funds have the rolling royalties function that shares rewards back to their early validators and the community, eternally.


For Reinvesting

Shared revenues from the funds raised by the platform goes back to the platform and will be reinvested in strategic campaigns to raise more funds for the new dreamers.

How it all started...

Dream Hunters is inspired by Cristiano, a 14-year-old talented athlete from Ghana. Andrea (Our Vision Hunter) decided to encourage him to pursue his dream so he got him a pair of football boots. Along with our strong support system, he has shown resilience and perseverance to polish himself as a football player. Today, he’s in the process of coming to Italy and will be training for the Serie A team soon.

Join and participate to our first dreamer's journey by holding one of his NFTs.

Helping is rewarding.

Yes, literally.

Join our ambitious mission of impacting the lives of dreamers worldwide while earning royalties and rewards. Holding one NFT from our Genesis Collection gives you access to be part of the first decentralized dream-funding platform. As a holder, you will get a share of the 1% rolling royalties generated from the secondary sales from all of the dreamers' NFTs collections facilitated by the Dream-Funding platform. You are also entitled to the revenue sharing from the dreamers' primary sales.

Our Genesis Collection

10,001 young dreamers with their own unique heroic traits and skills, with the absolute missions of chasing their dreams and unifying the people worldwide by building one of the strongest communities in the NFT space!

A Holder's Benefits

Treasure Hunting Game

With a Dream Hunter NFT, you can join our special and exciting treasure hunting game, combining the virtual world and the real world, with life-changing Big Treasures to hunt! [watch the teaser video]

3 Levels of Rarity

Every time an NFT from the Genesis Collection is sold on a secondary marketplace, Rolling Royalties will be distributed to the holders.

Dream Card

The rarest card. Out of total 10,000 mints, only one holder will receive the Dream Card and will receive 1% of all rolling royalties for life.

Access Card

The 2% of the rolling royalties will be distributed equally to the 100 owners of the Access Card, for life. They will also receive special personalized gifts regularly.

Wish Collectible

The 3% of the rolling royalties will be distributed equally to the 9900 owners, for life.



The beginning of the journey. Ready to hunt the next dream! The private discord channel will be available exclusively to the Dream Hunters Genesis Collection holders.


Funds are allocated immediately towards building the community and for the continuous improvements of our Dream-Funding platform.


Get the collection featured on Rarity Tools and give rewards to the most engaged users in the community.


We are launching massive press and social media campaigns focused on inviting Dreamers to our Dream-Funding platform.


We will select promising dreamers from the community, and start working on their NFTs collections prelaunch campaigns.


The holders of the 100 Access Card NFTs will start receiving their special Dream Box that contains a metal NFC that gives exclusive access to our global events and galas, plus personalized complimentary gifts.


Six months following the release, we will share the rolling royalties with our holders. DIYnamo Airdrops! We will drop $DIYM tokens to the holders monthly.


Each month, a Random Select will reward one of NFT holders with amazing gifts and fun mystery experiences!


The Community Investment Funds will start investing in NFTs and projects that the whole community (through polls) believe are great assets.


Targeted special campaigns for the first five curated dreamers’ NFTs collections on our platform and successfully launch their projects.


Strategic NFT marketing for the 1000 curated Dreams from our Dream-Funding platform to successfully raise funds for their dreams.


In the first quarter of 2023, we will start the Dream Hunters Game, where hackers, travellers, gamers, and food lovers will work together as teams to hunt for the life-changing Big Treasures!

The Artist

International Italian actor and producer Luca Riemma is known for such famous roles as Pietro in "Un Posto al Sole" (2009) the longest running TV series in the history of Italian television, playing Antonio in Francis Ford Coppola "Distant Vision" (2016). [read more]

The Community

Dream Hunters is a community of driven people who are passionate to chase their dreams.

Our mission is to unify people worldwide and to build one of the best NFT communities focused on not wasting the talents of dreamers all over the world. We believe that everyone has a dream and a talent—emotional, financial, or any other circumstances shouldn't hold you back.

To change the world, we must first change ourselves. In this community, we will work together to push our limits and become the best versions of ourselves while validating others' dreams.

Team of Hunters

Strategy Hunter
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Seed Hunter
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Community Hunter
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Social Hunter
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Dev Hunter
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Chain Hunter
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Backdev Hunter
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Law Hunter
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